Becks Cloud


BECKS CLOUD is ready for now and build for the future with the focus on better:

– connections between our family members.

– understanding of the family name history.

BECKS CLOUD is based on our family name members, Data Management of International Genealogical Research

and on our first Quick Scan.

The research focus was analyzing the first family name records, people now, companies now, images and patents.

Some results are;

1. Getting better connections between members of our family.

2. Getting better understanding of our family name history.

3. The first registration we found was;

“since 1369, as boundaries are largely formed by the Becks, East of York, England”.

4. The first name record we found was;

since 1559, A. Becks, Hiegate, Kendal, Westmorland, England.

5. Understanding that we need to do further research in analyzing the relation between the names “Becks,

To Becks, Bex Becks, Ritterbex Becks, Bex, Bekx, Becx, Beckx, Beks, Beck, Beckson, Bach and Beek”.

6. Understanding that we need further research in analyzing the relation between the people now and

the first name records we found (United Kingdom, Holland and Germany).

7. Understanding the limitation of analyzing and publishing all the information and name records we found.

If you have any suggestion, question or remark don’t hesitate to contact us by E Mail:

Our research method is based on our interviews with some members of the Becks Family.

Also we have analyzed information we found at different sources.