Maybe related to…


We found not proven stories but with strong evidence at different sources that Becks maybe related to;

First registration found

Since 1369 first registration was found as “boundaries are largely formed by the Becks” in England,

East of York. Source; British History Archive

Originates of the word

The originates of the word comes from Old Norse “Bekkr”.

Therefore our family name should cognated to the living place to a Brook.

Becks is herewith related to a stream or brook and cognate with German “Bach”

Research Mr. Jan Bekx

According to Mr. Jan Bekx own research “Beck-son” abbreviated to Becks and was used before 1500 in Holland.

At some time during the Renaissance which made families change the ‘ks’ by the Roman ‘x’.

So some of them became Becx.

Therefor Becks started may be as:

“To Becks, Bex Becks, Ritterbex Becks, Bex, Becx, Beckx, Beks, Bekx, Beck, Beck’s Beeks or Beek…”

Research Mr. Henk Becks

These results are coming soon.

Some other stories are about that Becks is related to city Nijmegen (1100) in Holland, Scotland, Germany and Belgium?

If you have any story that can be proven mail to us: